Who Am I!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

OK that wasn’t so painful. Ignore my first post… that was me dipping my toe in the blogger pool before I jumped in. And no, I will not delete it. Why? Because I’m too lazy, that’s why.

OK so what on earth is “Happy Lupus”!? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Kind of like Excited Herpes or Gleeful HIV. Well not in my case. Although people repeatedly describe me as “the most negative person I know” (ouch) I actually consider myself to be pretty positive considering.

And yes, I have my personality flaws, OMG that’s the understatement of the century, but I’m picking myself apart and trying to improve. I’m a lazy procrastinator so it took me until now to start doing it but hey! You gotta start some time! And right now my life is swirling around the toilet and I’m fiercely swimming swimming trying to keep from going under. So what better time to kick myself in the ass?

Who put me where I am? Me. 
Who needs to dig me out? Me.
What do I need to do to do so? Change ME.

As much as I enjoy blaming everyone else or everything else…. oh man, my life is so hard, my parents were assholes, I’m a single mom, I have a shitty job, I had to drop out of college when I got sick, I have had a long string of bad relationships, I have shitty friends, my car barely runs, I’m about to be homeless, I have lupus, wah waaah waaaaaaaaah pass me a tissue.

Truth of the matter is, I have a shitty job because I lazily glided through life not doin a damn thing about it. I’m sick because I took horrible care of myself. I ate like crap, exercised rarely, drank too much, smoked too much, thought negative thoughts, didn’t sleep enough, honestly…. it’s a wonder I’m even alive.
I have shitty relationships because my picker is broken and I am drawn to and attract shitty people. Truth is, I can’t blame anyone but ME.

So this blog will be full of me fixing ME and explaining how my life got to be such a giant clusterpoop. YES, I AM TRYING TO GIVE UP SWEARING, TOO! NO! DON’T RUN AWAY! AAAAAAH CRUD. Well that’s that for now.


About Happy Lupus

I'm just a single mom with lupus trying to make it in this crazy world!
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