Oh every part of my life is so in shambles right now I didn’t know where to start… so I guess I’ll start with the most annoying at the moment….

Work. Ugh. I have worked in a department for appx 5 years. For the past three I have had an assistant, who I will call Dippy. Up until a couple months ago, Dippy has been useless. I had brought this up to my supervisor on a dozen occasions and she said “Well maybe we need to find you a new dippy. Anyone in mind?” No. Dippy seems to be the only one that wants to work nights (he’s in college) and is willing to do manual labor. So the only way I have been able to keep from flipping out is to have the mentality “It’s only me back here” That way if Dippy is being worthless, which he excels at… no big deal. If he helps out… AWESOME! Bonus!

2 months ago, all of a sudden Dippy mentions he wants a raise. He starts working. Not consistently, but more than he use to. For the past 2 weeks, he has been working overtime and doing things he has no right doing, has never done before because it’s my job (and screwing them up) and then complaining about it. To everyone who will listen. To certain people he whines to daily… Dippy does 100% of the work and I sit back there picking things out of my teeth and sharting. I, of course, find this out too late.

One day Dippy does something he’s not supposed to, after we argued over text. He said he was doing it. I said don’t. Leave it. It’s not for you to do. He did it and messed up. Like always. I get blamed. Like always. HE goes on a tangent, he’s quitting, he has no help, he was doing something that was my job and I should have done it (on my day off), he just went off. Threw a pussy little mantrum. We end up having to have a meeting me, Dippy, and my supervisor. How embarrassing. Dippy continues his lies throughout the meeting. He stays calm, I obviously am severely annoyed and lose my cool a few times. Kind of makes me look like a jackass, but when you’re the one being lied about you tend to be madder than the person doing the lieing.

So after the meeting, in which we are talked to like children (oh I wanted to punch Dippy in the throat SO bad) we are informed we’ll be watched from this point on. So now I have my supervisor up my asshole asking questions in a department she knows nothing about and I’m wasting my days and my time explaining every last motherflutin detail.

This is my job hell. Must go punch something now.


About Happy Lupus

I'm just a single mom with lupus trying to make it in this crazy world!
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